Corporate Event Rates

Corporate Events

These bookings are for large organizations who want to shut down the place and give their employees a full private retro arcade experience for the night. Note: A corporation can book a group booking if they only want private access to LEVEL 2, corporate bookings are only if you want to reserve the entire arcade for your special event.

Corporate bookings are a great way to celebrate any occasion for large organization. Our facility can accommodate up to 100 people in the facility and can even run a large scale professionally organized pinball tournament if you are looking at doing some awesome team building while you are at the arcade.

If you are looking for a unique experience and make your organization stand out from the rest come check us out as our space it is great for any kind of corporate event.

Booking Times:

Various time slots can be accommodated on throughout the week.

* Please note for any booking type we may be able to accommodate other times depending on the request.