DHPL Team Challenge

2023 League Schedule:

DHPL Team Challenge


The Die Hard Pinball Team Challenge League (DTC) is a CASUAL competitive league, with an emphasis on getting out for a night to play some pinball with a group of friends and having a chill time. It’s an excellent format for all skill levels and ages. Its emphasis is on fun, teamwork, and team competition.


The DTC is a coed team pinball league that is played at Arkadium Retro Arcade in Sherwood Park, AB. The games will be played on one Thursday each month (July/August will be a break). Each team scores match points based on the results of the individual pinball games anywhere from 1-4 points on each game. Each night two matches will be played, each match will consist of each player playing 5 games. At the end of each set of games the team with the most match points records a match win, while the other team records a loss, there is also a scenario where the teams can tie. League standings are based on a simple win/loss/tie record. The final league night will involve playoffs with teams in a single knockout format. The top three teams at the end of the year receive end year prizes. 

General Rules:

  • Teams must consist of 4 players 
  • No more than 1 player on a team may be ranked in the top 1,000 of IFPA’s World Pinball Player Rankings (at the time the team roster is submitted). the rest of your roster must be filled with 1001+ or unranked IFPA rated players.
  • Teams may add players to their roster at any point during the season provided they drop one of their players to make room for new players.
  • Teams may have players come onboard as subs for any event. Subs are restricted by IFPA ranking so you cannot replace an 1001+ player with a top 1,000 player.