Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

Paid admission gets you IN & OUT privileges all day, if you want to re-enter the facility for a break or come back later in the day, make sure you request for a wristband when you purchase your entry.

All games inside the facility are on “Free Play’’ – that means no coins or token needed, if a machine is not able to be played please see one of our staff and we can help!!!.

Please finish a game that you start!!! There is nothing more annoying for a person that wants to play a game but doesn’t know if it is available to play. Please keep small children from pushing the flashing start button and walking away.

Absolutely no Game Hogging!! Check behind you if someone is waiting to play the game, if so please defer to them after your game and try another game or wait for the next turn on machine.

Running, horseplay, physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated in the facility. Forcefully hitting, kicking, or damaging the games is prohibited. If this happens you will be asked immediately to leave without refund of admission.

Please do not put non-alcohol or alcoholic drinks, food or belongings on our games. Please help keep the facility clean by putting your bottles and cans and recycled garbage in our bins.

Please do not block doorways, hallways and fire exits with strollers, chairs or stools. This is for the safety of all of the people that are visiting the facility.

There is no outside food allowed unless you are renting a birthday party room package. Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed in the facility. We have a selection of vintage sodas, pop, water and alcoholic drinks for those that require a beverage.  Our all day entrance fee allows you to go and explore neighboring restaurants, stores, recreational facilities, etc.

Please let a staff member know about stuck balls, a broken machine, restroom mishaps, spills or other problems that may arise during your visit to the arcade. We want to ensure your experience is awesome!!!!

Commercial photography, video equipment, etc. are not allowed during business hours without a scheduled appointment and prior written consent by Arkadium Retro Arcade. Personal photos and video is fine, please credit Arkadium Retro Arcade on social media sites.

Service Animals are perfectly acceptable to enter the arcade. Pets & Emotional Support Animals are not allowed. The loud noises and crowds are not a suitable environment for these gentle friends. Please note our upstairs room is not handicapped accessible but there are many titles to play in the downstairs area.

The arcade serves alcohol. Drunk, disorderly & aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Vandalism and theft will result in immediate ejection from the facility. Security cameras are installed & monitored in every room.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE, don’t take it personally. There must have been a good reason on why you were refused access.