Group Booking Rates

Group Bookings
$500 - $1000

Top floor private access to only your party guests (up to 30 guests)

Private Access to 40 pinball, 12 classic video arcade, and 1 bubble hockey machine all set of free play

Dedicated bartender for event duration with a full selection of craft beer, domestic beer or spirits

Option to bring or supply your own food or catering for your event

Group Events

Arkadium Retro Arcade is an awesome place to hold you group event, as we have a dedicated private space to hold any type of event you are looking to put on:

  • Adult Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Business Meetings
  • Fundraisers for your group or organization
  • Clubs
  • Sports Parties

We recommend if you are looking at booking a group event at the facility that you have a group of 15 – 60 people, or you are just looking at having your own elusive arcade of the top floor of the arcade for a time period. A group booking means that you will have full private access to the LEVEL 2 of Arkadium Retro Arcade. Your group can go down to LEVEL 1 at anytime but you will have exclusivity of the LEVEL 2 for your booking period.

Custom packages can be put together all depending on the type of event you are trying to hold, feel free to contact us and we try to accommodate your request.

If you have a group of 10+ people and you just want to show up to facility let us know, we will provide your group with a 10% discount provided your payment is in one transaction. (Not applicable on discounted days or hours).


Private Room Rates

# of Hours Rate Rate (Off Hours)
2 Hours $500 $750
3 Hours $750 $1000
5 Hours $1000 $1250

*Can have up to 30 people in party, extra party members $15 a person.
* The party will have full private access to Level 2 facility and public access to Level 1.
* In off hours, the party will have full private access to Level 1 and Level 2.
* Rates do not include applicable taxes.


  • All of our group rates includes an all day re-entry pass for each person
  • $15 a person for extra person in each of the categories
  • $150 (1hr - 1.5hr) for an organized pinball tournament (13 years & over is recommended) within your event time (must be a 3 hour or more booking to run an organized pinball tournament)
  • All prices do not include applicable taxes

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